Outside In

Childress & Cunningham used several unique design elements at Shem’s Snack Shack – a new restaurant in Williamstown, Kentucky.

The Owner requested a nautical theme. And instead of creating a dark, enclosed environment for the patrons, we emphasized the beach, sun, water, and wood elements to bring out a seaside atmosphere.

We added height and light to the low existing room by creating light wells, lit with efficient LED strips shining onto curved metal domes. These punctuate the ceiling with the look of natural daylight.

The floor is a specialty mix of colored sands and epoxy, artfully installed by our dedicated contractor over existing concrete and wood floors. The dining room has blue and shiny silver colors to look like a Caribbean pool, and the kitchen and restroom areas are light sand colored like a beach. These accent the more traditional wood detailing to bring a new aesthetic to a roadside attraction.

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