Clearing the Hurdles for Church and School Program Growth

Operating as both a church and an elementary school, Beautiful Savior Lutheran found itself struggling to meet both entities’ program needs within a facility that had been steadily added onto over the years. Previous building additions had served to create a number of problems; C&C was hired to design and construct building additions and renovations that would solve these problems.

The first impediment was an office and classroom wing located in the very center of the building complex that squeezed occupants into a narrow hallway. By removing walls and even a portion of the roof, a new open gathering space was created. Crowds can socialize over coffee on Sunday morning, just outside of the Sanctuary, and larger educational programs can utilize it on weekdays.


Another hurdle to leap was the need for additional classroom space. Two small classrooms and an office were to be displaced by the new multipurpose coffee space, and larger spaces were desired for each. By repurposing an existing large classroom to serve as the administrative offices, and adding two large classrooms that can be flexibly divided into smaller classrooms when needed, these goals were met.


Changes to the building code over the years introduced other challenges, as the total size of the building might have required the installation of sprinklers throughout. C&C instead found a way to upgrade certain walls in order to produce compliant fire areas that would avoid the need for sprinklers, saving the church a significant amount.


The church also made use of volunteer labor to perform some of the construction, and as Construction Manager C&C was able to accommodate this. With a construction schedule that was constrained by the school year, we were able to coordinate volunteer efforts and meet the targeted opening day.

By clearing all of these hurdles, C&C has led the way to a much-improved Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church & School for the 2016-17 school year.