An “Open and Shut Case”?

Well, not exactly. The Northeast Church of Christ wishes to open up the lobby of their unique soaring church while shutting off noise traveling between a re-imagined lobby and the existing sanctuary.  Because of the challenges involved with a building with few right angles, varying roof planes, and layered with previous additions, the Church chose Childress & Cunningham.

Adept at taking on challenging buildings and sites, Childress & Cunningham has visualized and planned out a solution that will accomplish these goals without diminshing the character of the original church.  The view of the soaring wooden ceiling as seen from the sanctuary will be preserved by a high polycarbonate window framed into the new walls encapsulating the lobby.  This huge triangular window also preserves views from the lobby to the central tower and skylight formed by the apex of the highest roofs.

New sound locks appear at each end of the space, offering forms that compliment the symmetry of the sanctuary’s existing layout.  Finally, many smaller spaces have been eliminated, being incorporated into a new lobby and gathering space that runs the breadth of the sanctuary, featuring an inviting lounge and coffee station.

Just goes to show, with the right team and talent, such as Childress & Cunningham, even complicated renovations can be an open and shut case!

Lounge  Coffee

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