In the Works – A World-Class, State-of-the-Art, Inclusive Shooting Complex


Childress & Cunningham recently completed design refinement for a very specialized retail complex in Newtown, Ohio. The 42,000sf facility, now referred to as “Ready Line at Liberty Station,” formerly known as “One Shot”, will soon be a regional attraction, as construction is already under-way.

Visitors will first encounter a spacious and attractive retail store. A large rotunda, ringed with a vertical rifle display, this retail space reminds visitors of historical armories of days gone by. The design allows for natural light to filter into the center of the room to present a pleasant wandering area for modifiable displays.  The members’ club will reflect gun clubs of the past, with wood paneling, coffered ceilings, and stone fireplaces.  Educational meeting rooms have been designed to meet federal standards for acoustical privacy for sensitive meetings.

The massive indoor firing range will include 29 lanes, 10 of which are equipped for longer-range rifle shooting up to 100 yards.  Lanes are designed with gunfire safety systems by consultants experienced in the field.  Special attention to firing line spacing and range configuration will make it a preferred shooter’s range, reducing the “tunnel effect” which is common in indoor ranges.  Sectional ranges will provide area separation for police departments and other private parties.

Law enforcement agencies from around the region are expected to utilize the building’s two-story scenario environment for specialized training.  With that in mind, the structure is uniquely designed to be re-configurable to create spatial arrangements such as what might be found in a warehouse, apartment building, or hotel, etc.

Unseen to the visitor, the building’s design has many features that will minimize its cost to operate and maintain. The exterior envelope consists of high R-value continuous insulation construction. Careful electrical efficiency planning includes multiple levels of voltage phasing and various hi-efficiency lighting systems, including the use of LED fixtures.

Yet another project demonstrating the versatility of a custom, Childress & Cunningham design!

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