Quality Construction

When someone mentions “quality,” it sometimes refers to subjective attributes. However, there are objective components upon which most people can agree. Quality design provides the desired functionality with a sense of style–a cohesiveness embodied from the overall down to the small details. Quality construction will simply stand the test of time, allowing the beauty of a solid design to endure for generations to enjoy.

To start the process off right, Childress & Cunningham’s design staff has a long history of sweating the details that contribute to quality design. For instance, our staff is educating themselves on the latest design trends, materials and construction techniques in order to better inform you as to what may work best with the goals you have in mind. We keep you involved as the design process continues so the concept for your beautiful new home evolves into a distinct, well crafted design solution for the functionality and other criteria you desire.

Our in-house construction management services allow for control of the construction process, resulting in quality results during your home’s construction. This is the time where our long-standing expertise in working directly with trades and contractors pays off for our clients. In the end, custom details and finishes from a design tailored to your specific needs can be more easily accomplished through our single point of design and construction contact.

Call Childress & Cunningham today.  Use our years of experience and knowledge to help guide you along the path to the quality home you deserve!


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