Do you own a lovely old home in a historically sensitive neighborhood, but it’s not meeting your current needs? Childress & Cunningham has been helping clients for decades by skillfully updating properties just like yours. Whether it’s a minor addition or a total transformation, your re-imagined home can be sensitively integrated into its surroundings, as if it’s always been there.

Let our expert staff show you how modern amenities can be blended with old world charm. We can actually conceal the changes to the point that the home’s age would be difficult to discern. Childress & Cunningham can give you the “new” home you want without disturbing the historic ambiance of the house or its surroundings. These attributes are most likely the very reasons you fell in love with your home from the beginning.

Contact Childress & Cunningham today, your architectural advocates, to make your old spaces new once again!



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