Energy Efficient

An energy efficient home means far more than reduced utility bills.  A new home compliant with the Energy Star guidelines will provide benefits in many other ways.

Childress & Cunningham stays informed on the latest materials, components and building techniques in order to achieve energy efficient designs. 

A well-insulated building envelope provides thermal comfort with more evenly heated and cooled rooms.  Efficient door and window components eliminate drafts and can even block certain wavelengths of sunlight that deteriorate interior fabrics.  LED lighting alternatives create the same amount of light from a fraction of the electricity of incandescent lighting.  Also, for our many clients interested in being “green,” the benefits extend to the environment in the form of less fossil fuels used in their home.

Most of the time when building a “green” home, clients focus on the money saved while owning their energy efficient home.  Most are pleasantly surprised with better resale values when they sell their home, as well.  When you consider the benefits, who wouldn’t want to own an energy efficient home?

Hiring an architect who keeps current with trends in energy conservation like Childress & Cunningham does, makes sense.  Call us today and let us be your architectural advocate.  We look forward to creating your custom, comfortable and energy efficient new home with you!

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