“Creativity” is not reserved for the esoteric intellectual, but when speaking of an architectural firm, many people have a vision suggesting an architect is committed to a particular “style.”  At Childress & Cunningham, a conscious decision was made at the firm’s inception to put another spin on the term “Creativity.”

Here, creativity is an extension of each client’s desires for their built environment.  By listening carefully, we attempt to bring a client’s ideas to life in a more thoughtful and thorough way than they thought possible.

We seek to discover ingenious ways to give each project lasting and transcendent value, while remaining true to the project budget.   We are adept at incorporating not just “features”, but also a “sense of place.” With this in mind, we transform your concepts into an efficient and appealing environment created especially for you.

You’ll notice as you browse our site, that there is no specific Childress & Cunningham “style.” Instead, each project’s “style” varies greatly, in direct response to the values of each client. We have remained true to our goals set early in our business.  After almost thirty years, today, we are still responding to our client’s ideas and making them a reality.  

We invite you to become an important part of our creative process!


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