Comfortable Care for You and Your Family


Master of Ceremonies, Madeira Mayor Mike Steur and CEO, Joe Killian celebrated the grand opening of the new Hospice of Southwest Ohio Patient Care Center in Madeira on February 13, 2014.   Many in the community were there alongside to welcome this new family-oriented service to town, including Childress & Cunningham’s, Larry Cunningham and Roger Kerlin.

Childress & Cunningham were privileged to design and renovate an existing building for the sole purpose of this new palliative care option in southwest Ohio.  Showcasing the latest design features, the facility incorporates home-like patient rooms with indoor and outdoor spaces designed to help comfort the families during a difficult time.

Indoors, there is a TV/play room for kids, a family room, a dining room with kitchen, meeting rooms, and a chapel—with many amenities chosen to create a warm atmosphere.  Outside, there are walkways, a fountain and a trellis with beautiful landscaping–all producing a soothing outdoor space for those needing respite from their circumstances.

Childress & Cunningham’s expertise is well demonstrated with this new alternative in Hospice Care.

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