Over-the-Rhine Toasts Another Exciting Renovation

Jackson facade

Childress & Cunningham is currently working on one of the most exciting projects in the city!  We have been hired by Grayscale Cincinnati to convert the historic Jackson Brewery building in Over-The-Rhine into a multi-use performing arts center.

The project is a complete update of the first floor of the 1859 structure.  In its current state, it is a fantastic artifact.  It has been vacant for many years and has not been maintained, rendering it unusable as a public space.  After a complicated code review and planning study, the building will be reborn as a facility focusing on intimate live performing spaces.

The program includes a 250+ person music venue, a 192-seat theater space, a 4,000 sf. craft brewery, and a lobby/bar to tie all of the uses together.  The renovation will bring the facility up to current building and accessibility codes to ensure that it can function seamlessly through many different types of uses.

This complex project will go through various phases before it is complete.  We are currently working on the construction documents phase of the project – designing the actual details and preparing information that can be used for both permitting with the city and bidding out to contractors.

The music venue features a layer of acoustic treatment adapted to the existing aged industrial aesthetic and an advanced audio recording system. The theater can be utilized for live theater – with a sprung wood stage, a catwalk system for special effect and stage lighting, and a theatrical crossover.

Versatile in design, the theater may also be used as a cinema with high definition video projection and surround sound.  Both of the performing venues share a backstage area with dressing rooms, performer support spaces, and storage.

The lobby bar provides a centralized gathering place for patrons from all three venues to be able to enjoy local beer made onsite, while enjoying the historic architecture and fantastic views of the city from the front steps.

You can read more about the project and the owners in Soapbox Media’s article here: http://www.soapboxmedia.com/features/041613grayscale.aspx

Childress & Cunningham will also be providing construction management services for this extremely complicated project – so expect lots of fantastic photos and updates as progress continues!

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