Has Childress & Cunningham Grown… or Shrunk?

A happy client is a key factor in company growth. Sometimes the client may express their satisfaction in a unique way, such as naming rights for a major downtown skyscraper! At least, for a small model of a downtown skyscraper, that is.

Don, an art teacher who recently employed Childress & Cunningham Architects to guide his kitchen renovation, is a member of a model railroading club in which the members each build their own segment or module with any theme they desire. Don is working on an urban scene in which many of the buildings are intended to resemble Cincinnati landmarks. There is the PNC Bank Tower (what some may remember as Central Trust), and 312 Walnut Street, even a typical UDF convenience store. One of the buildings bears a familiar C|C logo, suggesting that this architecture firm has grown to fill a multi-story downtown office building.

Don’s kitchen renovation in 2017 transformed a cramped space without enlarging the home, incorporating modern appliance technology and re-configuring countertop space to be more open to the dining room. Having first consulted with a kitchen cabinet supplier, Don asked Michael Rountree at C|C to come up with a better plan for the space. The final design features a ceiling coffer with custom phone-app-controlled lighting that can be set to any color or mood, with which Don enjoys experimenting.

Michael is a member of the same model railroad club, with a module representing the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. If you have seen the club’s train display recently, don’t worry… we have not actually moved downtown, nor have we been miniaturized. The regular-sized people of Childress & Cunningham are proud to have helped Don and his family to realize their dream!

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