Expanding the Potential of Your Residential Site

Over many years Childress & Cunningham Architects has worked in nearly all forms of residential construction.  A common thread running through these projects, especially for speculative residences, is the desire to maximize the use of the project site.  Our staff has the expertise in local zoning codes, and in successfully applying for variances that will result in the best density possible for our client. As the design progresses, the project can be refined for the most efficient use of the buildable areas and volume as dictated by local code.  Whether the goal is obtaining a larger single family home for entertaining, creating more apartments or townhomes (as shown above) on the site, or units of student housing, we can show you what is possible.

With a little extra time and effort spent upfront in conceptual design, great returns on investment for the project can be realized!

Let Childress & Cunningham Architects unlock the potential of your residential project today!

An innovative design for a 25 unit apartment building near the University of Cincinnati.