Theater design expertise


...about this beautiful wood that we brought in for sound,.... I told Scott, it's absolutely gorgeous, is the way it was designed ... has added such a beautiful element to the theater, but it has such a function to it with the sound on the stage.

Whitney Jo, Playhouse on the Square, Memphis, TN.

Having experienced architects and construction managers assisting with one of the most complicated pieces of our startup was an invaluable resource.

Dominic M., Grayscale, Cincinnati, OH.

It was a very open process, we always felt like we were being heard.

Whitney Jo, Playhouse on the Square, Memphis, TN.

You go with your gut, know what you want, you have a vision in your head as to this beautiful structure you want to end up with. It's important to go with the people who know how to make that happen.

Whitney Jo, Playhouse on the Square, Memphis, TN.

I'm sitting in living proof that these guys know exactly what they're doing.

Whitney Jo, Playhouse on the Square, Memphis, TN.

Collaborative Design

We have chosen Theater Design as a specialization out of passion.

Like architecture, the performing arts are a collaborative exercise. We don’t believe that genius typically resides in the individual, but in the participants in a collaborative venture. The advantage that performing art architecture has over other building forms is a space-creating collaboration with its users – both known and unknown. A properly designed theater will enable and encourage collaborations with artists, performers, and audiences over its lifetime.

With extensive experience in the design and construction of performance facilities, Childress & Cunningham Architects’ detail-oriented design strategy investigates specific elements such as acoustics, lighting, circulation, and room layout. We love working with diverse groups of artists and helping to craft an ideal performance space to both highlight unique performance types as well as provide flexibility to incorporate many different types of art. and combines that with a thorough understanding of the clients’ needs, budget, and long-term goals.