Townhouses with design variations

Custom Residential

Gotta tell ya- the more I saw, the happier and happier I became with my own little 2400 square foot not-so-big design.

Susan B., Cincinnati, OH

We find ourselves being frequently asked about Childress & Cunningham since we are such happy clients after our project's completion.

Jim B., Cincinnati, OH

This is why you will continue to receive high recommendations from us. We continue to love our house and speak of your firm often to our friends.

Sharon B., Cincinnati, OH

You do wonderful work, and I am totally in love with her house!

Carol P., Cincinnati, OH

Allan spent plenty of time answering our questions, and providing us with information to help us make more intelligent decisions about where we wanted to spend our money.

Brett O., Cincinnati, OH

I'm really pleased with the way the plans have evolved. Looks like I'll be trying my hand at the first window frame next week. Things are getting very exciting!

Kathy M., Hamilton, OH

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Custom Residential

Additions and Renovations