All of the church eldership and the members of the building expansion committee would unanimously recommend your services to other churches....

John C. I., Northeast Church of Christ, Cincinnati, OH

Our financial concerns have always been addressed and we are building a beautiful addition within our original budget guidelines.

Rex L. G., Epiphany United Methodist Church, Loveland, OH

You guys are doing a great job! We have been pleased with the momentum and good news on the bids.

David S., Northstar Church, Cincinnati, OH

They learned a lot about us before the first drawing was ever presented to us and they came away with a lot more ideas than the other two architects...,that was kind of an easy choice, when we ended up choosing Childress and Cunningham.

Noel S., First Christian Church, Ft. Thomas, KY

Childress and Cunningham seemed to have the vision, they were able to put together some plans for us that really got us excited, because they were excited, and I'm very happy that we worked with them.

Don V., Hopeful Lutheran Church, Florence, KY

You were able to keep our design costs under control, thus allowing us to develop a plan and model to excite our congregation before investing a lot of money.

Bob J., First Christian Church of Harrison, Harrison, OH

You brought energy, integrity, sound business practices and a keen sense of design and artistry to our plans, all essential components for its successful completion.

Ruth M. B. Hyde Park Bethlehem United Methodist Church, Cincinnati OH

You were very helpful in helping us anticipate costs and masterful in our difficult dealings with the local Planning Commission, Architecture Review Board, and Historic Society.

David A. F., First United Methodist Church, Springboro, OH

We would like to extend to you our deepest thanks for the wonderful lighting (design) work, the difference in light is quite remarkable, and particularly stunning.

Holy Name Parish Council, Holy Name Church, Trenton, OH

Without your expertise, we would have settled for much less than the actual cost of repairing and replacing the damaged portion of our buildings. Your service was invaluable!

Erik C., Grace Baptist Church, Loveland, OH

You took the time to really get to know us and our needs and that, along with your considerable professional expertise, has led to the development of an outstanding plan.

joy n., mariemont community church, mariemont, oh

Loveland, Ohio