A New Slant on Sustainability

Childress & Cunningham’s experience with high-efficiency design attracts green-minded clients from across the region. This client desired a modern house in Tennessee to take advantage of sweeping mountainous views, and incorporating passive-house and passive-solar design principles for sustainability.

The hillside site creates an opportunity for more living space in a walk-out lower level without increasing the footprint of the structure.   A large central kitchen on the main floor is at the heart of the home, surrounded by living areas under a ceiling that vaults toward panoramic views to the south and east.

Living areas engage an inviting terrace and built-in planter defined by a stone-faced retaining wall. Similarly, a second L-shaped planter at the front of the home leads visitors to the shaded main entry. Bedrooms are tucked into the western side of the house shaded by the adjacent forested hillside.

Passive features include a continuous foam wrap on all six faces of the exterior envelope, uninterrupted even beneath floor slabs.  Roof-ceiling assemblies at R-76 and wall assemblies at R-32 are well in excess of code required insulation values. Sun studies conducted on a 3D model throughout the day at multiple times of the year determined the length of shading overhangs and types of glazing needed to enhance and control heat gain during both heating and cooling seasons.

This custom home exemplifies how special conditions and constraints can lead to a unique and compelling project when Childress & Cunningham Architects helps you to create your dream home!