Hope Church Construction Update 3

The new Gathering addition to Hope Church is making a statement with the defining features currently being installed.  A large cross hangs on its supports, centered in front of the three-paneled arch. This backlit composition serves as a bold statement of faith, facing a busy intersection, and it echoes the interior decoration.

On the inside, a deep recess centered behind the stage rises up under the vaulted ceiling. Blocking is in place to support an interior cross feature. This central focus, high and prominent, will be highlighted by indirect lighting at the edges of the niche as well as behind the cross itself.

All of the ceiling-installed systems, such as sprinklers, wiring, structure, and mechanical will soon be concealed as the finished ceiling is being installed

Finally, a view of the clerestory level at the apex of the ceiling, where we see wood ceilings being installed.  The exposed wood trusses (in their protective wrap), will eventually be joined by decorative lighting and ceiling fans. The central section will provide a marked contrast to the smooth white slopes that surround it, emphasizing the central axis of the space, while daylight streams in through its high windows.

It’s exciting to watch the Gathering addition at this stage as it begins to show some its most distinguishing features.  Check back for more updates!